For Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans… ;-)

27 Mar


Attention, book lovers! If you love Fantasy and/or Science Fiction, this is definitely for you.

A bunch of really cool Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors are releasing a box set of 22 brand new full length novels only available in this particular box set collection. It is called Dominion Rising. And guess what? They are doing a pre-order promotion, so you can get the whole thing for only $ 0,99 !!!

Here are the authors participating in this special release:

NY Times bestselling authors:

Gwynn Roberts White,
Erin St Pierre,
Margo Bond Collins,
DK Holmberg,
Felix R Savage,
Tom Shutt,
Melanie Karsak
Erin Hayes

USA Today bestselling authors:

P.K. Tyler,
Anthea Sharp,
M. Schmitz,
KJ Colt,
Lisa Blackwood,
D.S. Murphy

Award-winning and Amazon bestselling authors:

S.M. Blooding,
Timothy C. Ward,
Daniel Arthur Smith,
Tony Bertauski,
Rebecca Rode,
Cheri Lasota,
Ann Christy,
Becca Andrew Wallace,
Logan Thomas Snyder,
Dean Wilson
Samuel Peralta
(named a Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy notable).

And this isn’t all – right now they are also running a giveaway where you can win an iPad Mini, a lot of paperbacks, a Dominion Rising bonus content paperback, a custom Swag and a free copy of the full Dominion Rising Box Set!

I have already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon, and can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😉

Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy


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