Have you ever noticed how easy it is to remember a tale? How the message it carries is effortlessly understandable by most types of audience?

Someone once said that all the ingenious things are simple. Tales, legends and fictional stories for kids are magical in their simplicity. I cannot think of a better way to transmit an important and serious message or life lesson to the widest audience possible.

My first fiction book is called “Raven Boy“.

It is a fantasy saga that starts during the epoch of the Vikings. It is a story exactly how I love reading it – full of adventure, with some magic and romance.

raven boy

Here is the synopsis:

The Viking king is killed and his widow is called to suggest to the council a worthy successor, able to win the raging war.

Torn between her feelings and her duty to choose the best for her people, she decides to seek the divine guidance and goes to see the rune caster.

But the message of the Gods is weird beyond belief: it says that the only person who can win the war is but a boy, the youngest of her twin sons, Hrafn.

The rune caster’s predictions have never failed yet, and suddenly the queen has another problem to worry about – the second part of the prophecy promises the boy something much more dreadful than death on the battle field…

What readers say about it:

“Kei has a talent for creating vivid descriptions and interesting, likable characters. Her prose is natural and flowing, and suitable for adults as well as younger readers.”    – Donna Burgess, author of “Solstice: a novel of the Zombie Apocalypse”

“This is a good start for a new novelist who seems to flow with the world of make believe very comfortably.”    – Grady Harp

“The story is a good one and it pulls you in immediately. The way that its told, I feel is even better. Miss Kei has her own way of telling a story and therein lies the beauty — it is refreshing. For a first time author, yep, you got it! This story has so much potential. History, folklore, and I feel as though I should be sitting around a campfire waiting for it to be told.”   – Teri Siguenza

Raven Boy is available on Amazon as an ebook and as a paperback


P.S. To learn more about the world of Raven Boy, visit my web-site


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