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Tales and stories, some true, some invented ;-)

Wha..? Wa… Wattpad!

In every city I visit I go to a bookstore. It’s like a small tradition of mine. I don’t really do it to buy books, and sometimes I cannot even read in the local language. But the atmosphere, that particular energy of a bookstore draws me in like a magnet. Just to think of it – so many different stories live there, on every shelf, in every book! Stories that someone played in their mind, carried in their heart, stories that were important and moving enough for them to put down to paper, to do what it takes to makes them into a book! To me, every book is a fruit of love. Probably, this is why I love them so much. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Christmas Story Challenge ;-)

My friends came up with an interesting exercise – to write a collective story for Christmas. The problem was, everyone was starting in different places and posting their ideas at the same time, and they appeared in random order, making a total mess of everything.

What I saw, however, was that all the participants, who were not writers by the way, had very interesting ideas and it looked as though with the very same beginning in mind, everyone created a different story, and this story was special and fascinating.

And I thought, what if everyone had a chance to write their story properly, without random, misplaced interference? How cool it would be! Read the rest of this entry »


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My free bonus ;-)

I have finally come up with a cool free bonus that I am not offering on my website – a print-ready activity ebook Raven Boy, A Treasure Hunting Quest :

Raven Boy, A Treasure Hunting Quest Read the rest of this entry »

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In search of the Werewolf.

Ed Mooney Photography


The mere mention of the Werewolf for many people will conjure up images of a cursed soul whom is destined to turn into a monster under the full moon and hunt for human flesh to satisfy its uncontrollable hunger.  Much of today’s modern view of this supernatural beast,  stems from the Hollywood machine and pop culture, with movies like The Wolfman, American Werewolf and of course the Twighlight series. But the source of much of the Werewolf lore stems from the middle ages in Europe, and was believed to have come from a clash between Indo-European Mythology and the arrival of Christianity. Before this the wolf had long been a popular symbol of the pre-Christian tribal warrior class. The Werewolf or Lycanthrope are known as shape-shifting creatures with unusual speed, strength, reflexes and senses, they have existed for thousands of years across many different cultures. With the full moon being…

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Turnips, Pumpkins and a man called Jack…..

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Samhain Pumpkin

We can blame our American friends for keeping this tradition alive, although much of our Samhain celebrations have been commercialized and corrupted over the years, a flicker of truth which lies just beneath the surface of Halloween can tell a hidden story! Many of you may have heard or perhaps even witnessed a strange, atmospheric or ghostly  light on your travels at night? It is a common sight to see especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. Many witnesses have claimed that it resembles a flickering lamp in the distance which mysteriously disappears when approached! This phenomenon it would seem exists in many cultures and their folklore and is known by  many names. Some may know it as Willo the Wisp, or perhaps the Friar’s Lantern, maybe even  the Hikypunk  or Jack O Lantern? Well tonight I am going to give you the Irish version of the Jack O Lantern. If…

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Dearg-Due….. An Irish Vampire

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”Hell Hath no fury, like a woman scorned”.

We all know that the Author of the most famous Vampire Dracula, was the Irish writer Bram Stoker. In fact we can also claim Sheridan Le Fanu who wrote the novella, “Carmilla”.  Le Fanu is known to have drawn on his Irish homeland for his early stories. Many historians have noted that Carmilla is the first true Vampire novel ever created,  and was probably a big influence on Bram Stoker. The Vampire whilst not always fitting the description of these Victorian era novels have in fact existed in almost every ancient culture around the globe. So it is fitting that Ireland has its own version of the creature. The Dearg-Due which means Red Blood Sucker is a Vampire which dates back to Celtic Ireland. During my research I have found some interesting leads which link this creature to a certain Celtic deity…

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