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Adventure continues – It’s almost here! ;-)

Can you imagine? It’s almost here!

My upcoming book Two Parts of a Soul is almost here!!!

Creating a book is like creating a pearl beaded necklace. The thread is the idea at the base of the whole creative process. The pearls are all the milestones that mark this process. They are embellishments, transformations, improvements; they mark the life cycle of the book. Each pearl requires work and represents an accomplishment, and that’s part of what makes the beauty of it.

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Wha..? Wa… Wattpad!

In every city I visit I go to a bookstore. It’s like a small tradition of mine. I don’t really do it to buy books, and sometimes I cannot even read in the local language. But the atmosphere, that particular energy of a bookstore draws me in like a magnet. Just to think of it – so many different stories live there, on every shelf, in every book! Stories that someone played in their mind, carried in their heart, stories that were important and moving enough for them to put down to paper, to do what it takes to makes them into a book! To me, every book is a fruit of love. Probably, this is why I love them so much. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some writing news ;-)

Just a quick update about my writing news and plans 😉

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Happy Read an E-Book Week

Read An Ebook Week 2017

Some years ago, when the ebooks just appeared, many unrecognized writers saw them as a brilliant opportunity to get their work into the hands of the readers. However, a lot of readers were skeptical and cautious about this new book format. This attitude was making it even harder for indie writers to somehow get their work noticed.

In response to this unfavorable situation, Rita Toews, a creative self-published writer, came up with the idea of the event that she called the Read an E-Book Week. Read the rest of this entry »


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My free bonus ;-)

I have finally come up with a cool free bonus that I am not offering on my website – a print-ready activity ebook Raven Boy, A Treasure Hunting Quest :

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How it feels to hold a printed copy of your own book

I’ve always wondered how it felt for the author to hold a printed copy of his/her own book.

Well, finally I know… Read the rest of this entry »

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