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An ocean view, a telescope, and a beautiful story

I have just rad a juicy romance book that was mentioning an old Hollywood movie called “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. And I decided to watch it out of curiosity.

Guess what? I was WOWed! When I finished watching this old black-and-white movie from 1947, I headed straight for Amazon and bought both the DVD and the original book.

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Merry Christmas!


Christmas is here with its magic! Joy, laughter, festive mood, and a great opportunity to make a wish upon the first star…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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To Inspire You

Have you ever stopped in admiration in front of a magnificent stained-glass window of a cathedral? Do you remember how it turns the light into breathtakingly marvelous patterns and pictures?


Visions of passing time by Sylvie Ometz 167 cm X 76,5 cm

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How it feels to hold a printed copy of your own book

I’ve always wondered how it felt for the author to hold a printed copy of his/her own book.

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The Dream of Parachutes

Yesterday evening I stumbled by pure chance upon an e-book by Sadie Mills called Freefalling (The Freefall Trilogy Book 1). The mere magical word “parachutes” made me do a u-turn and grab the book – who in the whole world has never dreamed of flying?.. 😉

Well, I have dreamed of it ever since I remember myself. And parachutes and skydiving were for a long time a constant part of my dreams.

Until finally, two years ago, I actually took the decision and in just two weeks did first the para-sailing, and then the paragliding. I was doing it with a friend of mine, ’cause I guess I would have never dared to do it alone, but together seemed like a good way to go.

So, we started with para-sailing. Wearing only our usual swim-suits, we came to the wooden quay right next to the Larvotto beach in Monaco where all sorts of sea-related entertainment was located. Luckily, the wind was just perfect, so we only had to wait some 20 minutes for the boat. Read the rest of this entry »

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