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A Giveaway! To Start the New Year ;-)

I decided to start this new year with something very pleasant.

To treat myself, I have created myself a “writing resort” right at home, with a lot of delicious food, the right music and no disturbance 😉

And to make it even more fun, I am doing something for everyone else to enjoy, also .
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A Christmas Gift Idea – A Story ;-)

What gift do you want for Christmas? What sort of gifts do you love to give and to receive?

How about a story? Yes, a gift of a story. After all, if we think globally, our whole life is but an infinite number of stories. They flow and run, they twist and turn, they meet and change each other. These stories make us laugh, cry, think, act, they inspire us, wow us, give us hope. Each of us is a story. Each of us has a story, a beautiful, unique story that no one else can tell the same way. If several people start at the same place, the ending will be different for everyone, the story will be different. And this is the beauty of it 😉

Write your own Christmas story, or, if you need an idea to start, feel free to use my beginning or a part of it. If you need more inspiration, go to my FB page and read other people’s stories. Of course, you are welcome to post your story there as well and try  and win prizes, if you wish.

Let’s spread Christmas magic together!



Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy


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For those who love creative challenges ;-)


Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy

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A MUST ATTEND Book Launch – really cool!

Facebook Event Cover Image inviting everyone to the MythoJuly2017 Sketchbook Launch Event on Mili Fay Art’s Blog:

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A Christmas Story Challenge ;-)

My friends came up with an interesting exercise – to write a collective story for Christmas. The problem was, everyone was starting in different places and posting their ideas at the same time, and they appeared in random order, making a total mess of everything.

What I saw, however, was that all the participants, who were not writers by the way, had very interesting ideas and it looked as though with the very same beginning in mind, everyone created a different story, and this story was special and fascinating.

And I thought, what if everyone had a chance to write their story properly, without random, misplaced interference? How cool it would be! Read the rest of this entry »


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The biggest bookstore in Europe ;-)

I got lucky to work in London last couple of week, and I went to the biggest and yummiest book store in the whole Europe – Waterstones Piccadilly. Just imagine – over eight miles of bookshelves on six huge floors, thousands and thousands books… This is heaven!

And they have a whole corner dedicated to Harry Potter with special editions, collector goodies, fans’ staff etc… have a look:

Being a huuuuge fan of Harry Potter, I was, of course, unable to resist the temptation 😉

I did not get a wand or a snitch, but another brand new book “Harry Potter, A Journey through a History of Magic”. Would be a special Halloween treat for myself :-D:-D:-D It’s a book of cool extras, and trust me, it’s really cool!

Enjoy your day!


Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy


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Some writing news ;-)

Just a quick update about my writing news and plans 😉

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