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04 Nov

Have you ever stopped in admiration in front of a magnificent stained-glass window of a cathedral? Do you remember how it turns the light into breathtakingly marvelous patterns and pictures?


Visions of passing time by Sylvie Ometz 167 cm X 76,5 cm

I can spend hours watching stained glass, immersed into this new magical world they create. However, stained glass could mostly be found in churches and cathedrals, and a lot of people still associate it with something religious. But today it is no longer the case.

Imagine that you could have stained glass at home, or in the office, not as a religious reminder, but as a modern piece of art. Wouldn’t that be inspiring?

Just have a look:


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An artist from Bordeaux, Sylvie Ometz, creates these stunningly beautiful pieces of art. She does everything herself, from beginning to end. Her talent is undeniable, but what really impresses me is the love that was put in it. You can feel it as you stand in front of Sylvie’s every painting and sculpture – they are made with love. And it is impossible to take your eyes off them. Literally. Look again:

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I have never seen anything like it, and I mean not only the concept (paintings and sculptures made of wood and stained glass), which is simply unique, but also the compositions, the ideas they convey, the atmosphere.

So, with Sylvie’s permission, I post the photos of some of her masterpieces here to inspire everyone, myself included. To inspire You!


Polyphénols by Sylvie Ometz 50 cm X 70 cm


Enjoy! 😉

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