In search of the Werewolf.

24 Oct

Ed Mooney Photography


The mere mention of the Werewolf for many people will conjure up images of a cursed soul whom is destined to turn into a monster under the full moon and hunt for human flesh to satisfy its uncontrollable hunger.  Much of today’s modern view of this supernatural beast,  stems from the Hollywood machine and pop culture, with movies like The Wolfman, American Werewolf and of course the Twighlight series. But the source of much of the Werewolf lore stems from the middle ages in Europe, and was believed to have come from a clash between Indo-European Mythology and the arrival of Christianity. Before this the wolf had long been a popular symbol of the pre-Christian tribal warrior class. The Werewolf or Lycanthrope are known as shape-shifting creatures with unusual speed, strength, reflexes and senses, they have existed for thousands of years across many different cultures. With the full moon being…

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