The importance of free preview chapters

16 Sep

Preview chapters are a great way to captivate attention, to spark curiosity, to give the desire of wanting more of it.
Having on your website a free chapter or two available and well visible can be that last drop that makes your visitor push the Buy button.
A free chapter can also be a cool way to make people subscribe to your mail list.

Search Inside featurelook inside

When you buy ebooks on Amazon, there is this cool feature, a label Look Inside!, that allows you to click on the book cover and read an excerpt without even leaving the book pages. This is called Search Inside.

Search Inside is a great advertisement tool because it allows people to search for your book not only by the title and author’s name, but by every word inside. Now, how cool is that?

All the ebooks that are published through KDP are enrolled there automatically.
If this is not the case, you can easily do it through your Author Central Page.

On your dashboard there is the option that allows you to enroll your book to this program. When you select it, you’ll see a form to fill and submit. After you have confirmed your email, you will receive a confirmation code that will allow you to log in on Amazon Seller Central (be patient with that one, it takes some time).

They do send you a detailed description of what type of files to send and how to name all of them.

When you log in there, you can upload your book file(s):

search inside

Then, if your files are OK, it takes up to 10 days for Look Inside to get activated on your book.

But I believe it’s worth the effort, because for any author, and especially for an independent one, the most important is to get known and read. And what can be a better way to do it, if not by giving away a free sample?


Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy, adventure and romance young-adult saga

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