The importance of your website

27 Aug

Every author needs social media. It’s a great way to connect and stay in touch with your fans, to announce your events and new releases etc. However, no social media equals your own website. Consider it being your own virtual home. It’s a proof that you are serious about your book.  ID-100273442

First of all, it allows you so much greater freedom in design and expression. Obviously, it allows you to engage and grow your fan base, and you can easily put the plugging and links to all your social media.

Second, your website allows you to sell. Directly. It can be your book, your coaching programs or your mercy. It can be anything.

Third, the followers you will have for your website are less flakey than those that come from social media, because “liking” on Facebook represents much less commitment than signing for your newsletter and thus giving you an email address.

Here are some important things to have on your website:

An Email opt-in

Not only you need it in order to not loose the money, but it must be well-placed. What’s a good place for it? Place it on the right of your website. Some marketing researches prove that our glance travels first to the upper right, so if you want it clicked – place it there.

A free gift

Most of the people will not join your mail list unless there is a cool compensation. Give them something free, but valuable. It can be several free chapters from your book, some extra or complimentary stories, or anything you can come up with. Just a quick tip: it is better to make the gift virtual – they can instantly receive it and it costs you nothing to send it to them.

A Thank-you Page

Don’t overlook that one! It’s an important possibility to straighten this new relationship. Give them some extra love, some extra cool stuff that will make them feel special and thankful. Remember, this can go a long way in bonding with your new fan.

More on website optimization in the next post.

Good luck! 😉

Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy, adventure and romance young-adult saga

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