from Anne R. Allen, HOW TO/how not to #BLOG, for #author/#bloggers

26 Aug

Some very useful thoughts for fiction writers 😉

Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Another great post from Anne R. Allen, filled with details, concrete advice, tips and warnings for #author/#bloggers.

My favorite part (and there are MANY great parts):

4) DON’T limit yourself with a restrictive niche

“For product bloggers and reviewers, niche is important. It’s better to be the #1 blogger for jelly doughnut reviews or vegan baby food recipes than the 10 millionth blogger “musing about stuff”.

“But you’re an author. Your product is YOU. Don’t keep yourself hemmed in by a limited niche.

“For a long time, I believed all the stuff about how you have to have a niche. So this is a niche blog. It’s serving us well, but it hems us in.

“Remember people surf the Web looking for two things: information and entertainment. Your blog can spin a good yarn, make people laugh, provide information, or all three, as long as you are putting…

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One response to “from Anne R. Allen, HOW TO/how not to #BLOG, for #author/#bloggers

  1. annerallen

    August 26, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing my blogpost, Kateryna!



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