How to get a lot of book reviews – strategy 1

28 Jul

Getting your book reviewed requires some work and research. It is obviously a lot less expensive if you are dealing with an ebook, but still just as tricky. The fact is that very few of those who have downloaded your ebook from Amazon during the free promotion are going to write a review. Most of the people wouldn’t bother.

I’d like to talk about one awesome way to get reviews that I discovered recently by pure chance.

There is a website called LibraryThing. It’s a huge community of book lovers. Right here it’s already important: as an indie author you need to be present there, especially given that every published book is most likely there already.

So, I strongly encourage you to go there and create your author profile, claim your book and create your bookshelf.

Now, the best thing about LibraryThing is that it allows you to run what they call a Member Giveaway (watch out, it’s not directly accessible from your home page, so either follow my link, or log in and type a google search “LibraryThing+Member Giveaway”). Basically, you can give away your book or ebook in exchange for a review. You fix the number of copies available (up to 100) and the duration of the giveaway (up to 1 month).

member giveaway

Ready for the cherry on the top? When you post your giveaway, there is one little option to check that asks the recipient to provide a review in return for the book:

review request

Guess what? If you check it, LibraryThing will keep emailing the recipients for you, reminding them that they didn’t leave a review so that everyone actually does it. Isn’t that cool?

And you can do it as many times as you wish and get as many reviews as you like. It takes some 10 minutes to post a giveaway. Then you can point your winners to your free promotion on Amazon, or to Barnes & Noble, or to Smashwords so that they can download your book.

Do not overlook this opportunity, because LibraryThing is a very big book market, and it is owned by Amazon.

Good luck!

Kateryna Kei, Author of Raven Boy, adventure and romance young-adult saga

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