A very useful resource for authors ;-)

14 May

As an indie author, I am discovering everything on this path on my own, through guesses and mistakes. So, I think it would be only fair to share the things that I’ve learned and discovered so that it would make it easier for somebody else.

By a pure chance I have stumbled upon an awesome 4-week-program that gives loads of valuable advice and information. It has started a week ago, but it’s not too late to jump in, as I have found out for myself.

It focuses on the book marketing, which I believe is a field that has to be constantly upgraded, improved and closely followed.


Join us for this hands-on, interactive program and:

  • Develop Your Author platform
  • Learn how to build a list of thirsty readers
  • Discover ways to create multiple income streams with your book
  • Access specific book marketing strategies that deliver results
  • Find out the most powerful ways to reach more readers, globally

Join us for the Book Marketing Challenge: Expand Your Reach, Your Connections, and Your Book Sales! Register for your Free Access Pass and get started today.

The basic version is free, and then you are free to upgrade, if you want.

Enjoy 😉

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