Paris : Shooting a video clip for Alexander – R

18 Oct

The best thing about being an interpreter is that you get an insider glance into more things and domains that your curiosity could yearn for.

I guess, the principle that similar attracts works just perfectly: being an artist myself, I have started my translating / interpreting career in the domain of art – at movie and theater festival.

And this time my job was to accompany a young star from St Petersburg, Russia, Alexander – R, to Paris for the shooting of his video clip.

I have been a singer and I still am a songwriter, but I have never dreamt that one day I’ll actually be seeing and participating in a real, professional, video clip’s shooting.ImageThe shooting was in Paris. It was a special prize Alexander – R won by his fans on On Air TV Radio, the coolest local radio station. Shooting video clips is fun. Watching the cameramen working and having all the scenario explained to me firsthand (haha, I’m the one who translates it to the actor!) is exciting. We are all so different; the twists and turns someone else’s thought takes as it soars, creating a new reality, is something I could admire endlessly. It’s fascinating and amazing how someone’s imagination finds its expression in a perfect way that is unexpected and new to me, but that is natural to that person. I guess, that’s the secret reason why I love reading fiction so much – it’s invigorating just to surrender to someone else’s imagination and get carried away by the boiling river of his or her story, new and fresh like life itself. And it’s the same with the video clip. Only here you can actually see someone’s thought take shape and become reality. The process sent my own imagination in a full working mode, and I had to fight against my attention drifting away from the job at hand 😉 Fortunately, the vocabulary isn’t hard for this kind of work setting 😉

By the end of the shooting, I had my own video clip version polished and finished in my mind’s eye. Now I’m dying to see their final version – how much did I guess right and what would be different? What is it that the clip maker would decide to underline? What tone and atmosphere he felt and transmitted?… so many burning questions!

Overall, everyone enjoyed the process: we quickly found some sort of a common ground and worked as a team, laughing and joking around, which was extremely pleasant. The weather was gorgeous, warm and windless, with beautiful, caressing sun. And of course there was Paris with its special magic and charms, with love and good mood in the air, with the inspiration enveloping every beautiful building and monument.

There is plenty of things in my life I’m grateful for, and my job as a translator / interpreter is one of them.

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