Abandoned and Angel

30 Jul

All he ever wanted was love.

His father died in the hospital when he was only 16.

Two years later, his mother died too.

His first girlfriend confessed having cheated on him. Filled with remorse, she begged for his forgiveness. To him, it was not love and he abandoned her.

When he met his next girlfriend, he thought he found someone who really loved him. But as time went by, she started humiliating him and their arguing and fighting seemed to become endless. Until finally she abandoned him in a very dramatic, long-lasting and painful way.

On the rebound, he met Angel. She became everything he could ask for – a confident, a lover and a reliable friend. Still, he loved the girl who abandoned him.

Angel loved him so much, that she put all her time and effort to make him happy. Love gives wings; so she succeeded: she helped him get his ex back, gain success, money and fame, and even when he figured his ex didn’t love him and abandoned her, Angel was there, supporting him.

Finally, Abandoned felt happy and fulfilled – he had money, fame and beautiful women and his heart was no longer broken. Still, he didn’t turn towards Angel. He got so used to her, that she became for him but an Angel.

But one pair of wings cannot carry two eternally – the effort will finally drain the carrier to death.

Angel was gone silently, without drama or farewell. She disappeared so quietly that Abandoned didn’t even notice it right away. Because she was a true Angel, meeting with which is a big and rare gift.Image

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